Looking Back to Move Forward: A Documentary Film about the City of Chester

Two Widener Communications Studies students (Kirsten Chu. ‘15 and Michael Michvech, ‘15) wrote, filmed, edited, produced, and directed this documentary for their senior project, as they wanted to tell a story that highlights the exciting developments taking place in Chester, especially in culture and the arts.  Chu and Michvech became involved in Chester through the Chester Made project, a participatory urban planning process facilitated by the Pennsylvania Humanities Council and funded by Pew Charitable Trust and PECO.  Widener was a partner in this project and the students were hired as videographers to help document the planning activities that utilized storytelling and the performing arts to map arts and cultural assets in the city.  Moved by the stories they heard, Chu and Michvech decided to create a film so that everyone can learn about the richness of Chester’s history, the creative activities currently taking place, and the future plans for the city.  There are many opportunities for members of the Widener community to become more involved in their city.

To watch the full-length documentary, click the link below to learn more about the community in which we live:





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