2015-16 Pride Service Site Leaders Selected

The Office of Civic Engagement is proud to announce the recipients of the 2015-16 Pride Service Site Leaders scholarship.  Congratulations to the following civic leaders:


Natasha Brown - Better Living Center
Danielle Cardona - Northern Star Sports
Beatrice Frempong - The Salvation Army
Lexi Jednorski - Stetser Elementary School
Tiara Jones - Chester Senior Center
Jessica Kowalski - Shade Tree Commission
Hannah Landvater - The Unity Center
Angela Pote - Chester Eastside Ministries
LaIndia Santos-Phillips - Boys & Girls Club
Shannon Seace - Freedom Baptist Church
Rubin Thomas - Cityteam

Pride Service Site Leaders act as volunteer coordinators, liaisons, and/or managers for a service site and work with a designated community partner in Chester throughout the academic school year.  In addition to providing service, the Pride Service Site Leader’s focus is to motivate and recruit other Widener students to volunteer.  Pride Service Site Leaders commit to serving 160 hours per year, and in return, receive an annual $1,500 award.


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