Helpful Political Engagement Resources

Political engagement is a key component of Widener’s mission to empower students to become socially responsible citizens. As such, the Office of Civic Engagement aims to provide students with all the resources they need to become informed voters and politically engaged citizens. Here you can find a list of several different online resources, each of which contains a variety of useful tools and helpful information regarding all aspects the voting process—from polling locations to voter ID laws to information on specific politicians’ platforms and more.

Mail-In Federal Voter Registration Form [PDF] – A printable version of the National Voter Registration form, including state-by-state instructions on how to fill it out.

Vote411 – Website created by the League of Women Voters to provide both general and state-specific information about polling location, election dates, registration deadlines, absentee ballots, ID requirements and more.

Electing a US President in Plain English [video] – Three and a half minute video explaining how the Electoral College system works.

Politico Election Central – Polls, primary election and general election results for all Presidential, Congressional, and Gubernatorial races, organized by state with helpful maps and infographics.

Project Vote Smart – A non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on individual politicians’ positions on specific issues. It also includes the powerful Vote Easy tool, which compares the user’s positions on specific issues (as well as the importance of each issue) to the positions of politicians in relative elections. – Non-partisan website that offers detailed overviews of the most common perspectives on major controversial issues, typically in a pro/con list format. – Pulitzer Prize winning online resource that analyzes statements made by politicians at all levels of government (and anyone else who speaks up in American politics) on a daily basis, rating their factual accuracy as well as their consistency within that person’s stated platform.

Federal Election Commission Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal – The FEC Campaign Finance Disclosure portal “provides a single point of entry to campaign finance data,” with “easy-to-navigate maps and charts that display the campaign finance data you're most interested in.” - TurboVote is an application that makes voting easy. When you sign up, it keeps track of your elections, local and national. And if you need to get registered, update your voter registration, or request an absentee ballot,  it'll get you all the forms and information you need, when you need them.


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