Northern Star Sport's 3rd Annual PRIDE Run

Listen up Widener Pride!

Need quick service hours?

Want free food and drinks?

Or just want to join a fun on campus event?

Run, Bike, Walk, Crawl, Piggyback through Widener for

Northern Star Sport's 3rd Annual PRIDE Run

On Friday, March 14th, come out and support Northern Star Sports as we invite the children of Stetser Elementary School onto our campus to work with WU's varsity athletes. This is a great opportunity! By coming out to run in this event you are showing your support for Widener and the Chester community. We are also looking for organizations that would like to help out with a game, face painting or any other activity.

If you are interested contact: Lauren Randall


March 14th

Memorial Field (behind Old Main)


NO registration fee

 If you are interested, the registration form is on the right hand side of this webpage, and it can be returned to Student Life (Univ. Center Lower Level).



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