Schmutz Student Engagement Mini Grants Available!

Schmutz Student Engagement Mini Grants: Awards ranging from $500 to $1,000 (with total annual funding not to exceed $2,500) will be made annually to support undergraduate student-led Chester-focused projects developed in collaboration with a Chester community partner to meet community needs; projects must be supervised by a faculty or administrative staff mentor; with the agreement of a supervising faculty member, the project may be pursued for academic credit as an independent study;  applications must include a project proposal and associated budget; projects are potentially renewable; recipients of grants will be selected by Chief Community Engagement and Diversity Officer, in consultation with the Provost.


Application process – Any undergraduate student is eligible for apply for support for a project in Chester that has been collaboratively developed with a community partner and for which a faculty or administrative staff member has agreed to serve as supervisor.  The application should include a description of the project, including its objectives, a timeline for its completion, and the amount of funding being sought (up to a maximum of $1,000) and its intended use.  The application should also include statements of support from the community partner and from the project supervisor.  Applications are due by December 1, with an announcement of awards made in January 2015.  Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of Dr. Arthur Schwartz, Assistant Dean Elizabeth Housholder, Dr. Marcine Pickron-Davis, and a Service-Learning Faculty Fellow. Please submit all application materials electronically to the Chief Community Engagement and Diversity Officer, Dr. Marcine Pickron-Davis, at


Donor information – Jack Schmutz was the senior vice president and general counsel for E. I. DuPont Nemours and Company until his retirement in 1994.  Prior to joining Widener’s Board of Trustees, Mr. Schmutz was the former chair of the Widener School of Law Board of Overseers.  Mr. Schmutz serves on the Academic Affairs committee of the Board.  He is also a member of the Council of Academy of Lifelong Learning of the University of Delaware.


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