Apply to be part of the Civic Engagement and Global Leadership LLC!

The Widener University Civic Engagement and Global Leadership Living Learning Community serves as a comprehensive residential experience to empower you to be change agents on campus and in our community. By living together in the same freshman residence hall and participating in a variety of fun leadership programs and opportunities, you, along with fellow LLC students, will develop as civically engaged leaders. By the end of the year, you will be equipped with new leadership skills and community service experiences which will support your continued success in college and after graduation.  This year's LLC will also include a mentorship program and Oskin Leadership Certificate completion.

Have you completed your housing application? Already attached to your roommate? Living somewhere else? Not a problem!  Anyone can still be a part of this LLC - just contact Dean Gretchen Mielke at


To learn more about Widener's Living Learning Communities follow the link below:





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