Presidential Service Corps Accepting Applications for Spring 2017

The Presidential Service Corp is accepting applications for the 2017 spring semester. Freshman, sophomores and juniors can apply. If you know anyone that is interested in the program, please spread the word!!!
The PSC/Bonner Leader program is comprised of 60 undergraduates. Students in the PSC/Bonner Leader program commit to serving 300 hours of community service per year in the city of Chester. In addition, students participate in training and enrichment activities that help them develop skills that propel them along the Bonner Foundation Student Developmental Model. All 60 PSC/Bonner Leaders receive an annual $5,000 award in addition to any need-based financial aid or academic-based scholarships.
If you know anyone that is interested in applying for program, please have them send a resume and cover letter to Loretta Mooney at  The deadline to apply is October 21, 2016.
To learn more about the Office of Civic Engagement and the PSC Bonner program, visit:
Please spread the word around, and forward potential new members this email!!!


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