How to Obtain a Criminal Background Check

Many volunteer opportunities require a criminal background check. Students who serve with minors or children generally need to obtain three clearances: (1) PA Child Abuse History, (2) PA Criminal Record Check, and (3) FBI Criminal Record Check.

For instructions about how to obtain clearances, please see "Background Check Instructions" under "Related docs" to the right.

To begin the process using a CastleBranch portal, please click here.

Political Engagement

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Volunteering can be the difference-maker in your next interview:  Ground-breaking research at the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) provides evidence of a relationship between volunteering and finding employment.  Its new study, “Volunteering as a Pathway to Employment,” found that those who were out of work and got involved with volunteering opportunities increased their likelihood of finding employment by 27 percent. Find the report here.