Conversations to Remember (C2R) is a non-profit organization dedicated to combatting the epidemic of isolation that seniors are currently suffering from. We arrange for 2-3 students to meet with each senior on a group video call each week, gradually building relationships, while providing mental stimulation and a feeling of self-worth for the seniors. 

C2R provides training for all of our volunteers, including information on what to expect from seniors who are at various stages of cognitive decline, and our philosophy on what leads to successful visits.

Since our goal is to build relationships between students and seniors, this is not a short-term opportunity. Students are expected to make a commitment for a full semester. Calls are typically one hour each, and students are welcome to volunteer for more than one call, but students do not typically have more than 2-3 calls per week. Students interested in volunteering for more hours per week should inquire with us about other opportunities.


  • Students should be outgoing, and able to keep a conversation going, even when the resident is shy and reserved.
  • Students should be patient, as many of the seniors in the program are suffering from cognitive decline.
  • Students must be responsible. Our calls rely on two students to be present at all times. When students don't show up for their visits, calls must be cancelled, and can send the wrong message to the seniors that we're trying to help.

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