Compeer matches caring adults in one-to-one, co-equal friendships with people of the same gender who are in mental health recovery. We encourage volunteerism among caring adults and support from the local community. We also train, guide and monitor volunteer relationships with Compeer friends.

Compeer currently supports friendship matches in Delaware County. Because of Compeer friendships, people are registering to vote, celebrating holidays with others, and reintegrating into their communities with the help of their volunteer friend. That's the good news.
The bad news is that many people in the counties we serve are on a waiting list for a volunteer friend. These people are isolated, lonely, economically disadvantaged, and are part of the community mental health system. They may lack family contact or experience severe depression.

Compeer friendship is as simple as going for a walk, having a conversation, going to a movie or picking up the phone. Through Compeer, a volunteer can help change someone's life for the better and it's just as simple as being a friend.



Importance of Position: Befriending a person managing mental health issues, and offering regularly-scheduled, supportive companionship is vital for those recovering from mental illness; you help them to enjoy a more productive life, prevent costly rehospitalization, and promote their recovery. Your time and lived experience is extremely valuable to friends utilizing mental health and recovery services.

Qualifications: Positive motivation to be of help to another person. Good listening skills Reliable - keeps commitments Sensitive to needs and hopes of the person who will be your Compeer Friend.

Reports to: Compeer Program Director

Responsibilities: Complete one Compeer Orientation session. Establish & maintain friendship with matched friend of the same gender. Submit required monthly report to Compeer Office. 

Training Provided: Orientation regarding mental health diagnoses, types of treatments, communication skills (listening, empathy, etc.,), boundaries, and expectations.

Benefits of Volunteering: Make a new friend while being of service. Make a real difference in the life of a person who has a mental illness. Opportunity to achieve personal goals. 

Time Commitment: Four (4) hours per month, at least weekly contact with friend, in person or by phone. 

Length of Commitment: A minimum of one year

Grounds for Termination: Failure to carry out assigned responsibilities or work within the program guidelines.

Contact Person: Compeer Program Director at (610) 541-0790

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