Veteran Outreach Opportunities

Here is a list of several ways to volunteer your time to CompeerCORPS of Suburban Philadelphia and assist us in our mission.

Our Mission

CompeerCORPS of Suburban Philadelphia is a community-based Veteran volunteer program providing camaraderie and mutual friendships that offer support and enriching experiences for veterans combating PTSD and other mental illnesses. It is opportunity for one veteran to help another veteran who has walked a mile in their boots.

  • Be a one to one veteran match that has weekly contact (at least four 4 hours per month) with a veteran in need
  • CompeerCORPS Calling volunteer: 10 to 15-minute weekly phone call to a fellow veteran
  • CompeerCORPS writing or E-mail a veteran
  • Special events: various single day events such as group outings, event planning, and fundraisers.

Please consider sharing your friendship with someone who is struggling and/or isolated. We can match you with someone close to where you live. If you know of a veteran who you think could volunteer, please share this with them as well.

Contact us at (610)541-0790 or visit our website at







Volunteer on our advisory board




Importance of Position:

Befriending a Veteran managing mental health issues, and offering regularly-scheduled, supportive friendship is vital for those recovering from mental illness; you help them to enjoy a more productive life, prevent costly rehospitalization, promote their recovery and give them a chance to experience camaraderie with someone who has walked a mile in their boots. Your time and life experience are extremely valuable to friends that are utilizing mental health and recovery services.



Military service

Positive motivation to be of assistance to another Veteran

Good listening skills

Reliable - keeps commitments

Sensitive to the needs of the person who will be your CompeerCORPS Participant


Reports to: CompeerCORPS Coordinator and/or Compeer Program Director



Complete one CompeerCORPS Orientation session

Establish & maintain friendship with your matched Veteran of the same gender

Submit required monthly report to Compeer Office


Training Provided:

Orientation regarding mental health diagnoses, types of treatments, communication skills (listening, empathy, etc.,), boundaries, and expectations.


Benefits of Volunteering:

Make a new friend while being of service

Make a real difference in the life of a Veteran who has a mental illness

Opportunity to achieve personal goals


Time Commitment:

Four (4) hours per month, at least weekly contact with friend, in person or by phone                                                                                                                


Length of Commitment:

A minimum of one year


Grounds for Termination:

Failure to carry out assigned responsibilities or work within the program guidelines


Contact Person:

CompeerCORPS Coordinator at (610) 541-0790                                                                                                  

Our volunteer needs

We need volunteers who are free at these times


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Compeer of Suburban Philadelphia

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Program Director
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